"Colors Of The World"


PROGRAM: 13th International Festival of Language and Culture - Ethiopia 2015


TIME: 1 p.m

Dialogue is the essential rule for universal peace. Through dialogue among people, communities, and nations, prejudice and fear will be replaced by peace and fraternity.

The International Festival of Language and Culture, IFLC, approaches today’s youth as the architects of our future. We must nurture these builders with universal values and an awareness of peace. Until 2014, Turkey was the festival’s epicenter. That year, for the first time, students from 140 countries performed their diverse skills and showcased their unique cultures on different continents.

2014 marked a new direction for the organization and the festival. What had always been an innately international event became decentralized to embrace the whole planet.

Each event around the world is a feast of entertainment and a great opportunity for the youth to display musical skills, traditional dances, and performances of all sorts.

Cultural encounters and dialogue help students overcome mental barriers; the energy of these young men and women strengthens hopes for global peace.

Although these performances and contests are an integral part of the International Festival of Language and Culture, what makes it a genuine cultural Olympiad is its underlying spirit. These young men and women, who represent the best their country has to offer, meet peers from other cultures and countries – some of which they might not even be able to find on a map! Such an encounter is a priceless experience for many young students, and will expand their worldview and help them adopt universal values of respect and human dignity.

The festival is also a unique experience for spectators. Even those who have traveled widely are likely to see something they’ve never seen before! As the tour of visiting country’s cultural exhibitions, it would be as if they have traveled the world in just a few days.

Though the International Festival of Language and Culture features songs, poems, local dances, and stage performances that capture age-old traditions.

Music is a universal language stretching across cultures, and even as it highlights our differences, it brings us closer together. There will also be cultural treasures, local tastes, and traditional clothing on exhibition for visitors.

Modern technology and transportation have shortened distances more than ever, but these alone cannot consolidate friendships and peace. Nothing can replicate the warmth and sincerity of a heartfelt greeting, smile, and embrace.

Meeting others…Laughing and joking…Singing together...Sharing the same space and breathing the same air...This is how love and fellowship flourish. We are sowing a seed of friendship and peace for our children – and "their” children.

The International Festival of Language and Culture is the name of that seed. Uniting all colors of the world, singing the universal song of all humanity for the last thirteen years.

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