Pastel Painting Competition



Article 1: Pastel Color Painting Competition and Celebration among inter Private Kindergarten Schools, for 6 ages group, in city Addis Ababa that will be held in May every year.


Article 2: Enabling the educationists and students to recognize the importance of art as well as to progress the relationship between the institutions. And also facilitating the kindergarten students to improve their imaginations, work abilities, and sharing skills in order to express themselves as well as to help them contribute to their artistic skills.


Article 3: This agreement contains the rules and regulations of the Pastel Color Painting Competition and Celebration that will be organized by INTELLECTUAL SCHOOLS.


Article 4: The students of Private Kindergarten Schools of city Addis Ababa will participate in the competition. The number of the students for the competition is maximum 120.

Article 5: Maximum five (4) students from a school can participate. Selection of the students is up to the school’s administration.

Article 6: Every student is supposed to participate individually in the competition. And only one teacher will be responsible for all students of each school.

Article 7: The participant schools’ administrative are supposed to complete the ‘Application Form’. The applications will not be accepted after the above-mentioned deadline.

Article 8: The school administration is supposed to facilitate the ‘Application Form’ in order to be received on time, subsequent to approval. The responsible teacher who will take the students to the concerned school where the competition will be held is to take the ‘Application Form’ along with him. The students will not be allowed to participate unless they have the ‘Application Form’ and ID card that shows birth date.

Article 9: Pastel Color Painting Competition and Celebration will be held in May in INTELLECTUAL SCHOOLS African Union Branch.

Article 10: The students will participate in the competition in casual dress along with their responsible teachers. Parents can also come in company with students.

Article 11: Students are supposed to bring their pastel colors and ‘Application Form’ that is endowed with their schools and ID cards that shows the birth date when they come to the competition. The art papers will be provided by INTELLECTUAL SCHOOLS.

Article 12: The pre-competition will start at 9.15am firstly at ‘Registration Desk’ and then the actual competition will be started right after obtaining the participation ID card and getting into the classes. There will be a Seminar for parents and teachers regarding ‘Is My Child Ready for Grade 1?’ during the duration of the competition.

Article 13: The Paintings will be;
SUBJECT: Will be informed on the day of competition
PAPER SIZE: 35*50 cm
TECHNIQUE: Pastel Colour and Paint


Article 14: The 100 works of art will be evaluated in the final by the expert jury members.

Article 15: The First, Second and Third works of art will be awarded and INTELLECTUAL SCHOOLS will get all the unlimited liabilities and copyrights to display rest of the 60 works in our schools as well as on T-shirts, brochures, postcards, posters and such kind of gift materials in order to get support for the educational activities.

Article 16: The works of art which are not evaluated in the final will be received by the parents at our school secretary office.


Article 18: The award ceremony will be on the same day at 1 pm in NEJASHI ETHIO – TURKISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS’ Conference Hall. The awarded works of art and their pictures will be mentioned on the school website that is: www.int-schools.com.

To Students To Teachers To Schools

1st Position’s Award

(10 students)




Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Participation
Golden Medal
Certificate of Achievement

2nd Position’s Award

(20 students)

Game Boy



Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Participation
Silver Medal
Certificate of Achievement

3rd Position’s Award

(30 students)

Stationary Items

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Participation
Bronze Medal
Certificate of Achievement
To All Students Certificate of Participation Certificate of Participation Certificate of Participation