School Trips


A school trip is a planned event in which a group of people visit a location together for any purpose. In most cases, these trips are taken by a group of students led by a teacher. Shool trips commonly involve an academic focus, but occasionally, students are taken on school trips based on pure fun where no learning is required.

For the purposes of school trips, most excursions involve an academic focus, such as a trip to the museum. Or they offer a look at something relevant to a course, like a theater class going to see a local performance. In some cases, schools also take trips without an academic focus, often to commemorate an event, such as graduation, or to reward students for good behavior.

School trips give students tangible and sometimes hands-on experiences that pertain to what they're learning in school. Students' studies become more meaningful when, instead of just reading about other nations and cultures, they are able to observe them in their country and environment.