Summer and Language Schools Abroad


Linguists indicate the reality that the language can be practiced completely in its native country. Therefore, learning the language in abroad and in an utmost successful school with the experienced teachers will bring out the expected result.

Our Schools organize English and German Language courses abroad.


Students will develop and improve their skills on listening, speaking, and writing and grammar fields.

Students will improve the target languages vocabulary knowledge and phrases/idioms.

Students will improve their study skills in order to get preparation for the future educational researches.

Students will learn the basic strategies to improve their abilities to learn the language fast.

Students will be involved with assignments and activities that require interaction and communication with the native speakers.

Students' achievement will be evaluated at the beginning and at the end of the successful program and their writing skills development will be evaluated as well.


∑The language will be practiced in a natively spoken environment

The first step will be completed if the student is going to study university abroad.

Students' communicative skills at this age will be strengthened.