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Social, cultural and sports activities help our students to express themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Besides, this kind of activities is indispensable part of modern education. Therefore, Intellectual Schools students are given chance to participate in dozens of school clubs to express themselves and show their talents.

Some of the clubs are mentioned below.

Photography Club

If you're snap-happy and you know it, then check out the photography club. Express yourself in a visual way by getting up close and personal with the camera, mastering the art of photography, using the darkroom, and developing your own black and white or color photos for school publications like the yearbook and student newspaper.

Foreign Languages Club

German, French, Russian and Arabic classes are available for those who are interested to learn a foreign language.


Playing sports is one of the best extracurricular activities because it gets you out of your desk. Whether you want to play at a competitive level or just for fun, you'll find a wide range of sports to participate in, like football, track and field, badminton, Ping-Pong, and basketball.

Drama Club

Instead of trying to get people's attention in the hallways, do it from the stage! The drama club is the perfect place for aspiring actors and actresses to improve their acting skills and get discovered.If acting, singing, and dancing aren't your things, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes opportunities to get involved in, like directing, building sets, making costumes, helping the stage crew, and fundraising.

Art Club

Art clubs are a creative haven for students who want to explore their artistic side.

Science Clubs

Science clubs aren't just for mad scientists! They're for anyone who's interested in participating in science experiments, spreading the word about recycling, or keeping the environment clean. Take part in various activities both in and out of the classroom - it could be a nature hike one day, a stargazing event the next day, and a trip to the science museum another day!

Chess Club

If you're always two steps ahead of everyone else, then chess is your game! Both new and experienced players will have opportunities to play daily games and even compete in matches against other schools

Music Club

If you like to listen to music, sing songs or play an instrument then this is your club.

Newsletter Club

Newsletter Club offers young journalists to take place in a school-wide newspaper. Students participate in Saturday club time once a week and they bring their own ideas to share with the other club members. They do interviews with the teachers, principal, and the other students. They collect data for the surveys that show what students think about ongoing events. Being in a teamwork, a newsletter is typed, printed and distributed by the club members.

Folklore Club

A society's fortunes, misfortunes, history, and traditions can be explained in their form of entertainment. In this club, students will be immersed in different cultures and upbringings through games and exhibition.

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