Intellectual's scientists at NASA


Proudly, we would like to inform our community that a group of our students has participated in a very prestigious contest named "2017 Invention Challenge, an annual engineering competition at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California, USA.Ē 

In short, the invention was about "Wiffle Ball Loft Contest" required competitors to create a device to launch up to 10 wiffle balls (a kind of baseball) into a plastic tub located 6 meters away within a one-minute time allotment. The challenges were many: launching at the best angles with the varying wind directions; making sure the device was initiated by only one method; and even preventing the wiffle ball from breaking, which would result in disqualification. Also the size and mechanic of the invention matters. The smaller device is the preferable one. 

As the Physics Olympiad team, our students between grade 9 to 12 along with their physics teacher has invented a device which is required by NASA to join the competition. Our team went to California and competed on December 1, 2017 and returned to the country on December 7, with a medal which won the smallest and lightest entry competition. Their success is published on the NASA website as well as Los Angeles Times daily. 

With this success, we believe that we have inspired our students, parents, and public in the field of science education and we gave them a broader understanding of where the world is going and, what to do to catch up. And also, such kind of competitions brings the practical side of the science education into consideration.

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